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Hi, I’m Anna (the mum in this wonderful family) and I’d like to share a story with you, which will explain how we actually got started on this amazing journey of ours.

Our Story

A few years ago our family lived on a small hobby farm. We were your typical parents - working crazy hours trying to provide for our family; and then something happened… We had massive fires here in Melbourne, which claimed the lives of almost 180 people! I vividly remember throwing my 5 and 6 year old girls into the back of the car, grabbing my hard drive and driving away while my husband stayed to help our neighbours load their 18 horses onto trailers and to save our animals on the farm.

We drove away not knowing what fate had in store for us! And after what felt like a lifetime, my husband called and told me that everybody was out and safe. I parked on the side of the road, still shaking from the experience. I was relieved that we were ‘ok’, but questions were running through my mind - like “what else did I forget”, “what should’ve I taken”, “will I have a house to come back to”? At that moment I looked in my rear-view mirror and realized that NOTHING else mattered – that everything I cared about was right here with me.

This was the turning point of my life. It made me realize that life is far too short and that in just a split second it can all be taken away from you – just like that!

Over the next year or so I changed the way we looked at and lived our lives and figured out a way for our family to spend more time together. To cut the long story short - we left for a two-year traveling adventure, which was a totally life-changing experience for all of us.

Have you ever been somewhere on vacation and when you come back and someone asks you what life was like in that place - you actually have no idea? Well, that's because when you travel as a typical, everyday tourist, you often miss out on what the place is actually about. And this is what made our adventure so unique - we took the 'road less travelled'. I have learned that it's not the place that molds your travel experience, it's the people you meet along the way. And most people actually love showing others their way of life and the result of this is first-hand knowledge and a number of terrific life-long friendships.

The reason I decided to create this website is so that people from all over the world will be able to share their amazing travelling experiences with each other. There will be wonderful stories, inspiring interviews and lots of great tips from people all over the globe who are traveling.

So, let’s leave the theme parksl behind and embark on a true adventure where lifetime memories and friendships will be created!

Why did we start this website?

Having extensively travelled for a few years now we managed to find a lot of shortcuts your typical tourists don’t know about. No travel agent is going to show you how to get discounts. Glossy brochures will only show you top dollar items, internet will help you but will have you glued to the screen for hours and hours – this is why we decided to start a ‘one stop shop’ information website. This is where you can learn what to do, how to do it and how to avoid typical tourist traps yet still have a ball!

I wish this website existed before we started traveling, it would’ve saved us ‘bucket load’ of money!

Where does the money from the website go?

You will occasionally see that there might be some links to either gadgets, which you can buy or organized adventures you can embark on. Some of the links will generate referral commissions for us. Some of them don’t. However you can rest assured that we would only recommend things, which we wholeheartedly believe in. Things, which either have had made our lives easier, better or just simply are very exciting. Any funds earned through this website gets reinvested in our never-ending search for better and more exciting educational adventures. The funds also help us get involved in many charity events and support foundations we believe in.


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