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So you have what it takes to

become a Detective?


We are looking for boys & girls ages 7 to 14 from fun, adventurous families, who would like to be a representative of their State or Country by becoming one of our Junior Detectives.


We cannot possibly keep track of all the amazing & wonderful things happening across the world, so we will be relying on our Fun Detectives to fill us in.


If you are chosen as a Junior Detective, you will let us know (with the permission of your parents) if there is anything interesting, fun or quirky happening in your area. This could be a review of your favorite vacation destination, fun programs or workshops and interesting facts about your country that the average tourist doesn’t know about. You can also let us know if there are any Hero Kids in your part of the world. Hero Kids are those who do community / volunteer work or do something considered inspiring. We believe that even young kids can change the world – and we want to tell the world all about them.


Should you be chosen as one of our Junior Detectives – we will arm you with important gear, like:

  •       Your own ID card, which will give you ‘media status’
  •       A special notebook to jot down your clues
  •       A Detective Badge, so that you can flash it at whoever you think might require it
  •       You will also have your own website page, which you can show off to all your friends
  •       Every month we will choose a mission winner who will receive a full page spread in our Life is Awesome magazine
  •       And… you will receive prizes for participating


Are you fun?

Are you creative? 

Are you a leader?

Are you part of an adventurous family and would like to help us make the world a better place?

If so, then (with your parent’s permission) please apply below!
We are looking forward to hearing from you all!

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