Jordan B
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About Me

 I am a tom-boy, I am crazy about animals and care deeply for the environment. I love traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people. I love camping and geocaching. I have a pet bearded dragon - his name is Gizmo.

I live for adventure! I am very creative and I love multumedia. I also play a saxophone!

Oh, yes and I LOVE minecraft too!


Where I've travelled to lately

We are so, so lucky! We get to travel a lot! Our parent's full time job is to make sure we are having fun! We have traveled to a lot of places around the world but our most recent BIG trip was an 18 months adventure through the United States. We vidsited EVERY state including Alaska and Hawaii. We drove for 18 months and covered 80,000 km (50,000 miles). What a trip that was!!

My Interests Arts & Crafts, Music, Science, Animals, Gadgets & Apps, Hiking & Camping
Jordan B

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