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It can be really hard to find the right apps for kids these days. Our family is very strict on only using apps, which are entertaining, but also educational. None of the ‘shoot them up’ games are allowed around here! Sure, they might be fun, but we don’t believe they send the right message.

We find educational apps really come in handy, especially when we embark on longer adventures by car or plane. No longer bored, suddenly these educational apps become very entertaining and our sanity stays in tact!

Below is a list of our highest rated apps, which have been personally tested by our own children and have been awarded top scores.

If you know of an app, game or gadget out there that you believe is awesome and is worth mentioning here – please contact us and we will download it, road-test it and include it on the list once we get thumbs up from our little wiz-kids.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking

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Orienteering is an excellent way to show your family the beauty of nature, however I don’t need to tell you how dangerous nature can be for the unprepared. The AlpineQuest app is the comprehensive orienteering app, with complete topographic maps that work offline, route tracking and a whole host of useful orienteering features. A must have for those of us who want to head off the beaten path.

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