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Before you start reading through, let us tell you how this Top 10 Must-do Adventures list first got put together. We have either physically road-tested these places ourselves (and if so you will read about them in our Awesome Adventures magazine) or we have sourced wonderful writers who actually live in these countries and asked them to put together a list of things that aren’t in tourist brochures and activities they believe truly define their country. We asked for hand-on experiences, where both kids and adults will learn, meet locals and have an absolute ball!So here are the lists. Over time, as more Junior Detectives join our team, you will see more lists here, which will help point us in the best direction to the coolest, most exciting activities in their country. This is probably as close as you can get to actually being guided by a local. Enjoy!

Top 10 attractions for Children and Families in England

Jimmy at London Station

Top 10 attractions for Children and Families in England

England is a country that is popular on many peoples ' countries to visit ' list. Steeped in history, visitors will excite at visiting the home of The Queen, Downing Street, The Beatles, Stonehenge and much, much more. There are so many cities to visit, all with fantastic cathedrals, an abundance of shopping destinations, diverse food choices and lots of opportunity to immerse yourself in multicultural Britain. For children and families, there are endless activities in many counties and here is our pick of a very big bunch

A Tour of London

englandFirst stop on the itinerary for any visit to England is to the bright lights of London. Packed full of fun activities for all of the family, you are sure to find something for everyone, at any time of the year. Why not create your very own London treasure hunt and tick off big name attractions such as Big Ben, The Tower of London,10 Downing street, Hamley's toy store and, not forgetting, a visit to The Queen herself over at Buckingham palace. Take a stroll down The Southbank with a tasty treat from The Real Food Market, followed by an awe inspiring look over the capital by riding The London Eye; the children will love being on top of the world and you can take time to relax, take in the atmosphere and decide what show to see on The West End that evening. The London Pass is good value for money if you plan on cramming in as many attractions as possible and The Oyster Card is essential for getting around.

Harry Potter Experience

Children of all ages (and probably many adults!) will be enthralled by a visit to the wonderful world of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studio Tour London. Relive the magic of Harry Potter at the studio where all 8 films were filmed, walking through the sets that were brought alive by your favourite characters. The once in a lifetime tour will take you through The Grand Hall, where you can see in person the scene of the celebratory end to The Philosopher’s Stone and then on to The Backlot, where you can ride on Hagrid's motorbike. With lots of fantastic special effects, fun trivia and jaw dropping props, Harry Potter fans will be the envy of all of their friends.If you are planning ahead, take a look at the studio calendar for themed events, such as ' Wand Week ' or ' Hogwarts at Christmas '.


Legoland is a unique family theme park, set in over 150 acres of parkland in Windsor. Visitors can dive in to the world of Lego, taking adrenalin inducing rides, trekking through Pharaohs Kingdoms and testing their seafaring skills down by Pirate Shores. With over 55 interactive attractions, Legoland will keep children of all ages engaged all day. For future engineers out there, The Imagination Centre holds a variety of workshops that will test skills and knowledge and will add an educational dimension to your day out. With over 55 million pieces of Lego used to build some of the attractions, there is sure to be a lot of open mouths as you walk past the buildings. If you simply cannot get enough Lego, you can extend your stay by booking a night in the resorts hotel, where you can stay in your very own Lego themed room.

Visit Shakespeare's Birthplace

A visit to England is not complete without a trip to Stratford Upon Avon to explore the history of Shakespeare and experience theatre like no other at The Royal Shakespeare Company. There are lots of family events throughout the year and there are regular theatre tours for families, where you can dress up like characters from plays staged at the theatre and get your hands on props, to learn secrets and tricks of the trade. Pick up a Stratford Treasure Trail, that will take you on a trip down the River Avon, to Shakespeare's birthplace and all of the most important building in the city. You will not be able to resist buying trinkets for everybody back home, at one of the many gift shops throughout the city and you can even make your own keepsake at one of the city's pottery and craft workshops.

Be Robin Hood for the day

Everybody has heard the story of Robin Hood and is exploits in Sherwood Forest and now you can get to be one of the merry men or women and explore what life would have been like for Robin. Sherwood Forest National Reserve is the legendary home of Robin Hood and what a beautiful home it is. Children can be at one with nature as they take a tour through the woods, stopping for pictures with the famous Robin Hood statue. The Guts and Gore tour is very popular for older children who love to hear about horrible histories and macabre tales of victorian England. Parents, make sure you hold on to your little ones hands in case you get too scared!  This gruesome storytelling tour, will leave lots of food for thought for all of the family and is sure to inspire lots of tales when you arrive home from your trip.

Anfield Stadium Tour

You may call it soccer where you come from but it is FOOTBALL. Sports fans will be excited to visit one of England's 22 premier league grounds and soak up the fierce atmosphere of a football match. If you are up in Liverpool to take a magical mystery tour or visit famous Beatles landmarks, then Anfield is your ideal spot to catch a game. Take the Anfield Stadium Tour, where there will be lots of opportunities to take photographs of  Liverpool FC's  magnificent trophy cabinet and to discover hidden parts of the stadium. You will get to go out on to the pitch, take seat in the best chairs and you will even get a chance to touch the renowned ' This is Anfield' sign. To take in a game you will need to plan your trip in advance as tickets sell very quickly. Once you have finished your final rendition of ' You'll Never Walk Alone ' hop on the bus in to town and head to Maggie May's for a hearty bowl of scouse.

Be a Viking!

The city of York is always a very popular tourist destination and the Jorvick Viking Centre is a 'must see ' for families. Budding archeologists will delight in travelling around the viking aged city in a state of the art time capsule. There they will discover the city of Jorvick, learning about the history of viking and experiences the smells, sounds and tastes of a bygone era. There are regular exhibitions and events, including an annual medieval fayre, where you can dress a viking, attend workshops and get hands on with archeological finds. Grab yourself a family Pastport and discover all top five attractions that helped shape the city of York today, including The Richard 111 and Henry V11 experiences. Finish off with a walk around the quaint cobbled streets of York, to fit in a bit of shopping or simply take a seat and admire the beautiful buildings as you relax with a cup of Yorkshire tea.

Be a Knight

England is awash with castles, so you are sure to find them in many towns and cities across the country. Northumberland has the largest number of castles in England and is a major attraction for want to be knights. With Bamburgh Castle the biggest and boldest of all, there is lots of space to run about and allow children to live their dream of being a knight. Northumberland is of course, also famous for the draw dropping Hadrian's Wall, the epic world heritage site that stretches 73 miles across England. There are lots of destinations to stop off at on a family cycle ride along some of the wall's path, including Housestead's Roman Fort that gives panoramic views that will make little ones feel on top of the world. With regular events on throughout the year and chances to be a Roman Soldier for the day, a trip to one of the many castles or the Roman ruins of Northumberland will make learning fun. Whilst on the coast, why not treat yourself to some good old fashioned English fish and chips and a family walk on one of the many great east coach beaches.

Visit The Wookey Hole Caves

Somerset celebrates some of the most beautiful English countryside and is home to many family tourist attractions. Enjoy a day out at one of the many eco farms, cider farms ( for mums and dads) and of course, the legendary Glastonbury and Cheddar Gorge. For something a bit spookier, a day trip to the creepy caves of Wookey Hole, a mysterious place steeped in 50,000 years of history. Wander through the different caves, where the river flows out of the underworld where Pagan and Christian traditional mingle together in a world of mystery and magic. You can explore the cave museum, where you will find out lots of interesting facts about the caves history and the animal and people who have inhabited then. You can also have a nibble on some cave aged Somerset cheese and meet the famous witch of Wookey Hole. Located just 2 miles from the medieval city of Wells, you can fit in a visit to the impressive cathedral in the smallest city in England.

The Eden Project

The English simply love their tea, so when in Rome, as they say, you cannot leave without indulging in a cream tea in Devon or Cornwall. If you are a jam before cream person, then it's Cornwall for you ( In Devon you would also put the cream before the jam when building your scone!). Once you cannot take anymore clotted cream, you may want to take a trip to the inspirational Eden Project; a site dedicated to plants and  climate conscious living. With plants from all around the world, including the world's largest indoor rainforest where you can walk along tree tops, The Eden Project will inspire small green fingers and educate about conservation. Take a trip on the land train, play in the specially built play zones, follow nature trails or simply marvel at the futuristic bio domes, that look like something from outer space. Special music and art events are booked throughout the year, so you can make your day trip an evening out with the family too.

If all of this doesn't wear you out, check out Visit England for more trip ideas for families. Enjoy your trip!


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